About Je Tam

We are a Cornish based company whose ethos is filling the counters of our local delis and stores with ‘clean food that makes you feel good’ in a bid to get more people to go guilt-free.

We are a mother and daughter team who are putting the pleasure back into healthy eating.  I have always had a passion for nutrition and health and am studying at the College of Naturopathic Nutrition. My mother, Monika owned a very popular cafe and also had a keen interest in health, so it seemed inevitable that one day we team up and merge our passions together. Our innovative range of products are designed to satisfy even the most powerful of sweet-tooth cravings while cutting out sugar, wheat, gluten and for most products dairy; with the added nutrients from our favourite superfoods to make you feel truly fab.

We pride ourselves on using the finest ingredients from all over the world to be able to bring you delicious and nutritious food that truly makes you feel good. Our ranges cover raw desserts, truffles and protein balls as well as our “It’s not raw but we like it range” of clean scones and burgers. Everything is sugar free, gluten free and mainly dairy free and raw. We also sell a large variety of superfoods that we use daily, couldn’t live without and therefore want to share with you in our up and coming shop.