BE KIND TO YOURSELF….. for little people are watching

It’s really true that you don’t appreciate what you’ve got till it’s gone!

I’ve spent my whole life chasing a better body….. thinner thighs, abs, a bottom so pert it’s  just under my shoulders. I’ve worked my arse off to try and achieve it.

And guess what?? I bloody well had it and didn’t know, didn’t appreciate it!

I was looking back through photos the other day of my last holiday in Greece and BOOM…. abs of steal!! Thighs rock solid and bum pert as pert can be (thanks Rachel, that was all down to you and your punishing routine of mowgli’s and burpees!). But i remember being unhappy with how i looked, wanting more. If only i’d appreciated it back then.

But when i had Silver something in me changed. I’m much more relaxed now. I put on 3 1/2 stone while being pregnant and guess what? She’s 5 1/2 months and i still have 1 stone 8lb to loose and you know what?? I’m totally ok with that!! Don’t get me wrong, i want to be healthy and i’d love my pre pregnancy body back but i’m not in any rush to do it. For me right now there’s more important things than going to the gym constantly and punishing myself in order to lose some weight and i’m definitely not going to restrict my intake of food (hell, whoever said you only need an extra 500 calories a day for nursing was obviously a man!!)

For me right now spending time with my daughter and showing her a healthy body/food/exercise attitude is way more important than losing a few pounds quickly. After all it takes 9 months to go on and, healthily should take roughly the same to come off. Saying that i’m also not just sitting down all day every day doing nothing. I honestly don’t know where the time goes? (maybe sitting down blowing raspberries for 3 hours a day is a bit excessive but she looks so cute doing it!). I don’t ever want Silver to feel inadequate, fat, wobbly bummed (she’s got the cutest bum in the world) I want her to feel strong, empowered, healthy, fit, intelligent, beautiful and to do that i have to lead by example. So now i exercise to show her she can do anything. I exercise to show her she can be strong and she doesn’t need a man to lift a sofa. I exercise so that she sees the energy it gives me. I exercise so that she thinks it’s normal. I exercise to instil a healthy body attitude in herself. So that she will (hopefully) never feel like she’s not good enough.

I don’t want her to have hang ups with food, food is so so important to me and i’d hate her to have issues with it so i need to change the way i think of food. Yes food makes you healthy in body and mind but it’s ok to have the odd bit of cake, and now if i want one i’ll have one. I won’t say it’s “bad” or “naughty” because i don’t want her to associate food with these negative emotions, food should never be viewed as negative….. I won’t say it’s a “treat” because food shouldn’t be a “treat” . Food is glorious, food is medicine, food is love, food is passion and should be adored and relished. It nourishes us, makes us well, strong and glow from within.

It’s up to me to show her how to eat, to cook, to exercise, to look after her body and her health and i want to do the best job i possibly can and that means starting from within so here’s to a new way of life……. here’s to living, loving and teaching someone to be the best they can be 

Love tam