Beauty products


It’s hard isn’t it?

You spend all your time eating well, cutting out preservatives, chemicals and all sorts of other nasties from your food and then you go and slap them all over your face, hair and body!?!?

Wait, what?!?!

Yep, you heard me. Every time you put your moisturiser on, have a wash in the shower, soak in that luxury bath bomb or even brush your teeth you’re layering parabens, silicones, triclosan, sodium lauryl and all manner of awful things onto your skin.

But that’s ok isn’t it? They’re safe, otherwise it wouldn’t be allowed. WRONG!! These chemicals are allowed to be used in products as their safety levels are all based on a certain measure. It doesn’t get taken into account that you don’t use just one of these products, most people use a whole tonne of them these days. Every time you put anything on your skin 60% of it will get absorbed straight into your blood. At least if you’d eaten it then they would have been partially broken down by digestive enzymes. This way they’re going neat into your blood, disrupting your hormones, changing your cells and eventually your DNA. That’s a little bit far fetched you think? Nope, nope sorry it’s not. Eventually these harmless (as the cosmetic companies would have you believe) products WILL do damage to your DNA.

Free from cosmetics were far and few between a few years ago but like everything “healthy living” they’re on the rise. They’re often expensive though, much more expensive than regular products, and often smell a bit “funny” which puts people off. Today i’m going to show you a couple of  easy things that you can make yourself, that way you know exactly what is in them, you can tailor the smell to your preferences and you can keep the cost down too.


I’ll try and post a different homemade beauty product every week for you all to try but for today here’s two…..


The first one is mega easy……

Everyone loves Coconut oil, i use it every night to take off the day’s makeup. Just slather it on and wipe it off with a soft cloth. it’s the only thing that i have used on Silver since she was born.

It’s antimicrobial which means it kills bacteria, fungi, yeast and also some viruses. Perfect for nappy rash, sores that develop in creases, cradle cap and all other manner of other skin issues. It’s not too expensive and is readily available. The only thing i will say is that you need to make sure that it’s 100% raw, organic and virgin. Now you can use this straight from the jar or as i like to do you can ‘Whip it’ for a softer more mousse like texture. To do this just spoon your oil into a blender (i use a nutribullet) and whizz up until you get a white fluffy texture. Doing this means that it won’t go hard again. Decant this into a shallow amber jar (so that the light doesn’t spoil it and you can easily get your hand in there) and you’re done! This can be kept out at this time of the year but when it gets warmer you’ll have to keep it in the fridge.


The second is just as easy….

I use this one daily as an all over moisturiser. It keeps skin soft, hydrated and supple and it smells divine!

1/4 cup raw cacao butter

3/4 cup raw coconut oil

I’m happy with the way this smells, all chocolatey coconutty but if you want to you can have fun with this one, play around with different essential oils to scent it and also you can add a few drops of vitamin E oil or avocado oil. . Just melt the oils together on a low heat in a bain marie. Pour into a tub and pop in the fridge to harden slightly. Before it gets too hard spoon into your blender and whizz up until you get a soft and fluffy texture like with the coconut oil. Decant into a shallow amber jar to protect from light damage and to be able to get your hand in there. Again this is fine out of the fridge at the moment but in the height of summer it will melt if kept out.

Love tam