Clean up after Christmas

So…. Its that day… the day that everyone officially goes back to work. Christmas and New year is officially over… I don’t know about you but i had a great time 🙂

I did however promise myself that this year i wouldn’t overeat, i stuck to this partially and ate mainly clean. My problem was cheese, cheddar, stilton, brie, camembert, feta, smoked cheese, strawberry roule, you name it if it was cheese you betcha that within 5 day’s i’d eaten it! My second problem was booze! Red wine, bloody mary’s, drambuie in the cold winter nights and even the odd tequila shot! I think there was only 4 nights between the 23rd and 2nd that i didn’t have at least 1 glass of wine …….  Not quite so clean hey but what the hell it was Christmas 😉

I tried to clean up after Christmas and before New Year but i was still in full holiday mode, my husband was home, i was off work, blah blah blah there was always an excuse and meanwhile my leggings just got more see through with the ever impending holiday weight gain! So…… today’s the day…

I’ve decided to blog and photograph my getting clean after Christmas journey i’m going to include my weights and measurements to make me feel accountable and while i’m not particularly big or heavy i’m sure you all know where you feel most comfortable. For me i’ve always been rather small (other than a small glitch when i was in my late teens) I tend to fluctuate about 2-3lbs during the year but never more than that (unless i’ve been on holiday) Some would say i’m lucky, but its not luck its more about knowing my body and listening to it… I feel good when i eat clean and train, i feel happy and have more energy, i’m more productive and healthier. Its not always been this way, exercising was a real struggle for me i hated getting sweaty and exercising in front of other people, it doesn’t matter what size you  are confidence can always be an issue. I had a massive sweet tooth as well and could quite happily eat sugar out of the bag!!  I’m not lucky though, i’ve worked hard to get to this point and you can too!


Here’s my statistics, remember don’t judge, i may not be big in your eyes but i feel uncomfortable, sluggish, lethargic and like i’m in someone elses body. Remember before you look at them this is a huge thing for anyone! Laying yourself out bare like this no matter what your size is scary so please be kind.

My statistics 05/01/15

Weight = 9 st 5lbs

Fat % = 25%

Chest measurement = 34″

Waist = 28″

Stomach = 34″

Hips = 37″

Thigh = 21″

I’m going to take these same stats every monday and daily i’ll be recording my food, exercise and moods to blog (i may not blog everyday but i’ll definitely do a few day’s at a time if i do miss one).

So stay tuned and lets do this adventure together.