D-day = Stats day


So i know i still have to fill you in on Saturday and Sundays food but i’m guessing your all far more interested in how i got on this week with my stats…. Right?

Well i’ll gloss over the food then, basically i was pretty bad over the weekend. I stayed out pretty late on Friday night…. Late for me anyway, was roughly 1.30-2am when i got home (I say roughly as it was all a bit hazy after the wine and beer). When i got up on Saturday morning i was shattered, unbelievably with no hangover-which for me is a miracle! I didn’t even have a slight headache or feel dehydrated….. just tired. That’s a massive first for me! So anyway i got up had breakfast (i thought i’d be craving egg’s after the wine but didn’t at all). While i was having breakfast my amazing hubby put clean sheets on the bed….. to cut a long, boring story short i did a load of study and was pooped! The hubby announced he was taking the dogs out and i should have a lovely afternoon snooze in the fresh smelling clean sheets HEAVEN!!! So that’s exactly what i did…. except a snooze turned into a 4 hour sleep! I guessed i needed it though, i haven’t been sleeping so great as the bad weather has been setting off our delightful Sausage alarm several times throughout the night. For anyone that doesn’t know Sausage is one of our 3 Cocker Spaniels, to look at you’d think butter wouldn’t melt


….. You’d be wrong! It does!


Anyway’s i slept and awoke to a lovely meal of Quinoa, sticky soy marinated tofu and lightly steamed veg in white miso- very, very lucky girl. Oh and a lovely bottle of Pinot Noir. So yes, i drank again.


Sunday was a lovely creamy green smoothie for our long walk, vegan pancakes (first time making eggless pancakes, they weren’t amazing but can do with a little work) Veggie wrap with salad. A packet of Inspiral Raw Kale crisps- totally addicted to these. I use them as toppings for salads, pastas all sorts. I think i had another veg wrap, very addicted to these too, A banana dipped in tahini. Dinner was a big veg stew (i saw stew but i mean semi-raw stew 😉 ) For dessert i made my banana icecream with chocolate sauce and coconut sugar with a dollop of tahini.


So dah dah dah!!!!! My stats!!!

As you can see if you’ve been reading the blog, i’m getting lots of carbs, protein, good healthy fats and a wide variety of veg. I’m having alcohol at the weekends and i’m having a treat everyday, sometimes two! I’ve been feeling amazing! Not hungry ever. I’ve upped my weights at training, feel stronger and i have more energy than ever. I literally couldn’t wait to get up and do my stats this morning-NOT THAT I WANT THAT TO BE A FOCUS!

So here they are:

Weight= 9 st 3.1lbs (nearly a 2lb loss)

Fat= 23.3% (a 1.7% loss)

Chest= 33.5″ (1/2″ loss)

Waist= 27.5″ (1/2″ loss)

Stomach= 33.25″  (3/4″ loss)

Hips= 36″ (1″loss)

Thigh= 20.25″ (3/4″ loss)


I’m pretty happy with that 🙂 like i said i haven’t felt hard done by, i’ve had my treats and my plate has been full everytime!

I know some of you may start saying well its easy to lose weight when you haven’t got much to lose…..WRONG!! The smaller you are the harder it is. I’m not sure why, i think its some horrible trick of the universe personally. Then there’s going to be others of you out there that think for a first weeks weight loss that’s rubbish! People have been known to lose far more in a week. The thing is, i don’t want to lose more. The quicker you lose it the quicker you gain it back. This isn’t about a quick fix, this is about changing my lifestyle to a SUSTAINABLE healthier way of life….. its not a diet! We’ve all done an eating plan where we lost a massive amount of weight and fat % and yes kept it off for a while maybe…. but, ultimately its not healthy and its not sustainable… and that’s the key! If you can lose weight slowly, by making changes that you can stick to; not for a few months to get into a dress for a special occasion or because its summer and you want to fit into a new shiny bikini. But for the rest of your life, your on to a winner.