Day 1

So i’ve finished my first day….

i realised i didn’t explain fully what i was giving up, so i’ll do that now. Although i wouldn’t say i was giving anything up rather than stopping having it, to say i’m giving it up implies that i need it? But i don’t…. I’ve been vegetarian since April, not through any real choice… i’m massively passionate about animals but it wasn’t that. I was a massive meat eater, to the point if a cow walked past me i’d start chowing down on it, i LOVED meat but for some reason i just went off it. It started slowly and i just had it less and less. Like i said i haven’t had meat since April. I still ate fish, occasionally but only when my body needed it, asked for it.. then i’d have a little bit of fish and i’d be good again for a while. One problem i started to feel a bit icky about it…. again i’m not sure why but its what my body wanted. My husband is a great Marmite lover and i’ve always been a passionate Marmite hater-vehemently so. So imagine my confusion when i asked to have some of my husbands Marmite??? I literally couldn’t believe the words were out of my mouth! I tried it however and…. guess what? I LOVED IT! After all these years of hating it i now thought it tasted like the food of the gods! Marmite is full of B vitamins you see, so obviously my body craved it, and what’s more my body didn’t crave fish anymore. So that was that no more fish.

As i said i ate soooooooo much cheese over christmas and eggs! I love eggs, in fact i eat about 30-40 a week but since eating Marmite i actually don’t enjoy them as much or feel like i need them. So i’m giving them up, everyone that know’s me how much of a big deal that is to me! I have 5 eggs left and once they’re gone they’re gone. I’m finishing them up because i  hate food wastage, there’s no need but i have cut down to one a day so its taking a little longer but i won’t waste them!

So that’s eggs, meat and fish off the table. I haven’t eaten gluten for many years (except the occasional lapse!) My dad is coeliac and although i’m not i am sensitive. It gives me awful pains in my belly, terrible migraines, cold like symptoms and just generally makes me feel like rubbish. I’m ok with small amounts of rye but that’s about it. Coffee and tea i don’t drink anyway, i weened myself off my litre + a day about 4 years ago and can honestly say i don’t miss it one bit. I don’t have milk, other than nutmilk which i make myself as often as i can. Sugar i gave up the year i got married 2013, this for me was the hardest thing to stop with many relapses along the way but ultimately it was the thing to shape who i am now and the journey my life is on. Through choosing not to have sugar i had to make my own desserts, sweets and chocolates as you can bet that it’s nigh on impossible to find things that are sugar free without being pumped full of artificial flavours, trans fats, gluten and dairy.

“What’s left to eat?” i hear you say….  Well, lots. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sea vegetables, tofu, tempah, rice, grains the list is endless. It does require a little bit more time, i’ll give you that but its time that i spend now cooking and nourishing my body rather than hopefully time i’ll spend later in life being ill.

So i had my first day back on the cleaneating yesterday and it went well. I think the fact that i’m pouring my heart out on the internet and posting my stats weekly helped just a little bit!

First things first as soon as i got up, i drank a glass of water. I then went downstairs and mixed up my matcha tea with my vital greens powder and water and had that. I leave it about 30-45 mins while i have a shower and get ready and in that time i can absorb all the goodness without food being in the way.

Breakfast was Aramanth, marmite,avo, baby tomatoes and one egg.


Snack was a smoothie made with Kale, celery, pineapple, tahini and coconut water.


Lunch (i’m sorry i didn’t take a picture) was roasted cauliflower in a sauce made of blended tahini,water and a tiny bit of marmite, roast all this together and it tastes a little like cauliflower cheese (i did it the night before) I had this with one of my je tam Butternut squash and sage burgers and a load of flowering sprouts with a squeeze of fresh orange.

Snack was a bit more of the roasted cauliflower (like i said i hate waste)

Dinner, made by my husband was courgette noodles (for me, he had noodles) with a stir fry of veg and tofu marinated in tamari sauce, chilli and ginger (10 mins to make)


My late night dessert would normally be one of my je tam treats but my blenders have broken, so i have none! I had to have instead a bowl of banana, perssimon, pear, tahini and raw chocolate sauce-YUM



Liquid wise, throughout the day i had 3 litres of water and about 4 cups of green tea.

At no point in the day did i feel tired, sluggish or agitated-infact i’d say for the first time in weeks i felt great!

I’ve been good again today and will fill you all in tomorrow with what i eat but right now i’m off to take the dogs out before a bit more study and then on to Rachel’s Kettlercise class tonight 🙂

Bye x