Don’t get sucked in….

So we’ve all been there, you’re in a shop looking for something healthy to munch on till you get home. You see something that say’s “RAW”, “ORGANIC” or “PROTEIN BALL” and you’re crying “hurrah” and stuffing it in your face before you’ve paid for it! Ok maybe i’m the only one that does the stuffing in the mouth thing but you know what i’m getting at.

My point is that when you’re in a rush or just turning to a new healthier lifestyle you don’t always know what to look for and if you see these words you believe them. Or at least i do! I bought i delicious looking Organic coconut bar the other day…. My god it was good! Sweet, chewy, coconutty deliciousness. I wanted to know how they got it tasting so sweet, checked the ingredients (after i’d eaten it all and refused to share with my husband, that’ll teach me!) the FIRST ingredient was corn syrup AKA high fructose corn syrup!!!!! So there you have it, i was TOTALLY SUCKED IN!

The way ingredients lists work are the highest ranking food first, so corn syrup was the ingredient that featured highest in this recipe! So if you’re looking at an ingredients list and salt is second on the list, do you really think that’s going to be that great for you? If there’s 3 different types of sugar, natural or not do you really think it’s going to be that good for you? In this day and age you need to question everything, whether it say’s “RAW”, “ORGANIC” or “PROTEIN” Question, what’s the protein made out of? Most protein powders unfortunately are highly processed, have man made sugars added to lower the calorie intake and make the product sweeter. it’s a shame but there’s people out there that don’t care about your health, don’t care about being honest and it’s these people that will screw you over one way or another doing anything they can to save a few pence here and there.

We work really hard here at Je Tam to keep our products as clean and nutritious as possible. I use my studies and knowledge that i’ve gained for every product. Always analysing the nutritional need of an ingredient, how i can make it healthier? Taste better? Every ingredient that we use has been scrutinised in every way to make sure it’s as ethical, clean and as nutritious as possible. We NEVER use synthetic man made sugars, this even goes down to our protein powders and superfoods that are available from us. We just couldn’t do it to ourselves or to you. We limit natural sweeteners as much as possible, use Himalayan Pink salt instead of regular salt, yes it’s more expensive but it has up to 84 minerals rather than 26. None of our food has any type of preservative, chemical or anything man made in it and that’s something we’re proud of…. Yes we’re here to make a living but for us it’s more than to pay for our weekly food shop, we’re here to make clean food that makes you feel good. To make the world a healthier, more knowledgable place for our children to grow up in.

So what i’m asking you to do is read the ingredients lists, question things, ask is it really healthy, empower yourself with knowledge and your health will follow.

Love tam