So its been a while…………….

What can i say? I’ve neglected you…..

I promised at least one blog a week, measurements, food, feelings, pictures and lots more…….

I haven’t written a blog since the 1st of February!!! I could give you all a load of excuses or i can give you the truth. So here goes……

The truth is i’ve been crazy busy, since all of our media attention in January we’ve gone from strength to strength. As well as ploughing more time into making Je Tam a success i’ve been inundated with college, my other passion. Exams, assignments, new lectures, away every other weekend, its been full on!!! There’s also been some personal stuff going on that i couldn’t explain at first…….. First the eggs, this really took me by surprise as i was thriving on the vegan diet. As soon as i started to eat eggs again i started to feel better though, loads more energy! In fact, so much energy i’d go to bed at 10.30 and wake up at 2 ready to start the day? What the? I LOVE my bed, like really love it so this was just weird!

My food went off the richter scale………. i was embarrassed to post what i was eating! I’m known for eating clean, vegetables and fruit are normally eaten by the bucket load in my house but all of a sudden i couldn’t even look at them……..  all i could eat was the dreaded beige food!!!!   Chips, pizza, toast (not even always gluten free!!) CHICKEN?!??!?  I hadn’t touched a chicken in a long long time!! Not since my day’s of working at the Firehouse! I got worried, really seriously worried that going vegan had done something awful to my body, something strange, i started imagining all sorts of different illnesses it could be….

Until i had a thought……. and i was right 🙂





So here it is, the real reason i’ve been so quiet on the blog. I’ve been dying to tell you all! Being pregnant is probably one of the most surreal things that has happened to me. Needless to say that Jon and i are absolutely thrilled but its just crazy how all of a sudden my tastes and cravings have totally been taken over by someone else? I must say i’m super lucky to have such amazing people at college to hound for information, Rebecca has been a lifesaver even though she’s now on the other side of the world! Thank you! So following her nutritional advice i armed myself with some awesome supplements and started to eat whatever my body told me to eat. I was totally totally weirded out when that thing was chicken and until i had it on the plate in front of me didn’t think i could do it. Turns out i could.  Half a rotisserie chicken, chips and coleslaw gone in 5 mins flat!!! Even Jon was shocked! In my darkest moment i even had a Burger king!!!!!!! Can you see why i stopped the blog now? Ha! But its ok….

Now im 13 Weeks in,we’ve had a scan and all’s looking good so far 🙂




My tastes have changed again and i’m back on the green smoothies, veggies and fruits,(I don’t think i’ll ever be able to eat Kale again though, just the thought is enough to make me go green!) Chicken has been long forgotten also, although i am still eating fish. Looking back over the last 3 months its been a bit of a rollercoaster, emotionally having to battle with myself to eat the foods that i haven’t had for so long, physically i’ve been exhausted (no one warns you about that!)  But i’m starting to feel better, more energetic, loving the changes that are happening daily in my body and really excited about the future. What have i learnt in the last few months? Its so so important to listen to your body, it know’s what it wants….

I’ve decided to carry on with the blog, it won’t be a regular thing due to work being so busy but i’m aiming to do a fortnightly catch up at least. Its going to be the same as before, food, photo’s, feelings…. all true to what’s going on right now with some fab little recipes along the way.

So please join me on this new adventure.

Love tam