IMG_1054 Hello, sorry i’ve been really busy-too busy to write the blog up!

I’ve just got in from a lovely long walk with the husband, pooches and Jane from the Allotment Deli. All the dogs are crashed out so i’m going to grab 5 mins to just catch up with you all.

I’ve been fairly good this week but i am a little nervous about doing my measurements again tomorrow. My determination about becoming vegan has spurred me on to make some savoury things at je tam this week too that i’d been meaning to make for ages but kept putting off. This meant that after a particularly gruelling Kettlercise class on Friday night with Rachel we had a bit of a taster night……. Well someone’s got to do it haven’t they? And of course there was wine involved 🙂 Quite a lot of wine actually! I’m just hoping it doesn’t affect my measurements tomorrow. I must say i feel a lot better though, i’ve had loads more energy this week, even though i’ve been sleeping really badly because of the full moon i’ve been bouncing off the ceilings.

I’ve finished my egg’s and have had no animal products now for 3 day’s and i must say i’m feeling good! Not missing them at all as such. I’ve signed up to several helpful vegan sites on Facebook such as Cornwall Vegans and Vegan Cornwall and everyone’s been really helpful and kind. It is definitely more challenging trying to think of meals to make but i’m sure i’ll overcome that soon enough.

Anyway food…..


Breakfast -chard and lentil salad with aramanth, Marmite and an egg

Snack – Green smoothie with celery, cucumber, ginger, pear, kale

Lunch – left over Ratatouille with more lentil and red chard salad

Snack -Sprouts, avocado, baby toms, Aramath and Marmite

Dinner – Homemade Burrito with refried beans (i’m VERY addicted to refried beans) Romaine lettuce, guacamole, jalapenos and tomatoes. All homemade and this also used up the last egg and meant that Jon could eat homemade wraps instead of shop brought bread 🙂

I had 2 Burritos and was too full for any dessert.


Breakfast – Mushrooms, peppers, avocado, refried beans, Aramanth and Marmite

Snack – Green Smoothie with Spinach, beetroot, apple, Celery and Spirulina

Lunch – Forgot to take much to work with me but we’ve been working on some raw veggie wraps so i tested them with my emergency jar of vegemite

We were off delivering then and got some vegan flatbreads from Archie browns- in hindsight they weren’t gluten free so i probably shouldn’t have had them but they were good!

Kettlercise with Rachel was particularly hard one as i said earlier so the wine and nibbles afterwards were very welcome 🙂

We had a feast of carrot sticks, peppers, babycorn, sugarsnaps, a huge bowl of the most amazing guacamole, raw mushroom burgers, raw veggie wraps, jalapenos  a huge block of cheese (which i didn’t touch!) washed down with lots of red wine! Well we were celebrating……. We made it into the local paper, the Times and Echo!  For dessert we had a load of je tam salted caramel raw chocolate hearts, je tam raw chocolate orange (coming soon!) and some je tam viscounts….. phew!