Tues and Weds clean food


Ok so i didn’t have time to post yesterday –  Sorry! So i’m doing a double one today…

I’m going to go back over the food that i ate on Tuesday and Wednesday, looking back on it Tuesday was ok but Wednesday was awful… i was so unprepared.. so i spent last night just prepping a few stables so that i’d have things ready in my fridge – PREPARATION REALLY IS KEY!

I’m really good at getting up first thing in the morning and taking the dogs out for a run or walk and just moving my body…. IN THE SUMMER!

In the winter i’m useless! Dark mornings do nothing for me, i’m like a bear, i just want to keep hibernating. I had it in my head i was going to get up early and have breakfast and get a lift to lelant on my husbands way to work and walk back in plenty of time to have a full day’s study .

REALITY- my alarm goes off, i snooze it 5 times. Jon comes upstairs to say he’s leaving in 15 mins! I leap out of bed throw my hair up, brush teeth, throw clothes on, run downstairs and chuck my Vital Greens and Matcha and coconut water in the blender, pour it in a handy bottle and i’m ready….flustered but ready 🙂

I’m so pleased i did it as when i get down onto the beach its the most beautiful morning, freezing cold but beautiful sunrise…. just me, the dogs and my juice.




After an hour and a half walk home (it should have taken only 45 mins but i had 3 very naughty dogs that wanted to explore several gardens and a fabulous restaurant on the way home) we arrived home and could have breakfast…. which me being a creature of habit was Aramanth, Marmite, mushrooms and baby plum tomatoes and one egg. I’ve only recently discovered Aramanth- its an ancient cereal or grain (depending on where you look) that was a stable of the Aztecs (that clever bunch). It takes a while to cook but is so worth it, it has an almost porridge texture with a creamy nutty taste. I’ve used it for sweet and savoury and honestly can’t decide which i prefer! Its high in protein cup for cup 28.1g compared to oats at 26.3, higher in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron and carotenoids. Its also a great source of lysine an important amino acid.  It has 105% daily recommend value of manganese and is lower in carbohydrates, it also contains magnesium and potassium. All in all a pretty super grain if you ask me!!


I spent the day studying so needed something quick and nutritious to keep me going- i chopped up a load of veg, threw it in a pot, sprinkled a spoonful of low sodium Bouillon a little water and cooked it for about 5-10 mins. I like to eat mainly raw but i’ve been craving warm stews and things so thought this was a good compromise. Only slightly softened on the very outside. At the same time i make some quinoa and when that was ready just added a bit for protein and carbs – it was delicious! I always make plenty of things like this so that i have more available to snack on later or the next day.

Next i had a Vital Greens Protein shake with a banana, cinnamon and a spoonful of almond butter and then took the dogs out for another walk.



I had Rachels Kettlebell  class on Tues night, another awesome class 🙂 You should come, its fun!

Got home and had buckwheat pasta with a raw avocado and garlic sauce topped with mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes and nutritional yeast flakes that give you the cheesy taste.



Later on that night i was ferreting around in my freezer wanting something sweet when………. Hallelujah….. i found the very last mince pie!!!!….. i wish i’d kept my mouth shut because Jon made me share it……. And Sausage had a go to!



So that’s Tuesday all done and dusted, Weds i’m just going to blast through, i’ve kept you hear for way too long and to be honest there’s not much to say! I was totally unprepared and had no food with me all day!


A little bit of my leftover lunch from yesterday, sprouts and an egg with Marmite.



Was a smoothie of Kale, Celery, cucumber, lime juice, raspberries and baobab.



Was a Je tam Viscount.


Lunch time

I was starving! Didn’t have anything with me……I raided the fridge, realising that i wanted to stay away from my lovely beetroot burgers and butternut squash burgers….. so hard as they’re so moist and tasty….. so tasty…….. but i really want to see if i can go vegan so i had to make do…….. i found a carrot, in fact 2 carrots and a pot of vegemite.



Still hungry had a Je tam Key lime and coconut ball….. These are new so naturally i need to trial them 😉


Next was a walk with the dogs, i get home and need to go into town to shop but i’m still starving!!! I grab a banana and a pot of tahini (another guilty pleasure as you may have realised)……. i had a problem….. i lost my banana….


Into town to pick up more quinoa, aramanth and vegetables so i could do some food prep for tomorrow…. i do NOT want another bad food day like today! It was awful! I made up a big pot of quinoa and a big pot of aramanth- these i can keep in the fridge for a few day’s add to soups, make stews, have for breakfast lunch or dinner- perfect!


Dinner was another parcooked lot of veggies, kinda like a semi-raw ratatouille which i had with a load of spiralized courgette (courgette noodles) and topped with nutritional yeast and Kale chips….YUM


Didn’t fancy anything sweet last night as i’d had loads during the day….

Tomorrow will be better, food prep done, shopping done, i will not fail!

Until next time xx