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  • Clean Bounty Bars

      I totally forgot about these until a friend mentioned them to me the other day, naturally this weekend i’ve just HAD to make them! I literally can’t get enough of coconut and coconut wrapped in raw chocolate is just even better!! Great when you’re on the go, between meals or after the gym. So […]

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  • Don’t get sucked in….

    So we’ve all been there, you’re in a shop looking for something healthy to munch on till you get home. You see something that say’s “RAW”, “ORGANIC” or “PROTEIN BALL” and you’re crying “hurrah” and stuffing it in your face before you’ve paid for it! Ok maybe i’m the only one that does the stuffing […]

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  • Superfood hot chocolate

    Superfood Hot Chocolate

    I’m ALWAYS playing with hot chocolate recipes… I mean, who doesn’t love a hot chocolate on a cold winter’s night? I’m still trying to be wrap my head around healthy eating again after being pregnant and binging on anything that was vaguely edible so i’m looking for things that satisfy that sweet craving and make […]