Breakfast on the go smoothie

I’m coming to the end of my pregnancy now, i’ve been off work for four weeks and my due date has come and gone…. Much to my annoyance! I really thought i was going to be early, wishful thinking.

I’m trying to stay as active as possible (even though the mother and husband are banning me from going out walking on my own!) so that means early morning beach walks before the hubby goes to work.


I’m loving it, i’m loving being up and about before anyone else, getting up while its dark and breathing in the sea air before anyone else is about. There’s something magical about seeing the colour appear through the darkness…. Like the world is painting a beautiful picture just for you.

IMG_4794 (2)

I normally have porridge for breakfast but was running really late this morning so i made a breakfast smoothie instead….


1 banana

1 handful of gluten free oats

1/4 avocado

1 tbsp of raw cacao

1 date

1 cup of coconut milk (i like to either make my own or use rude health)

Throw all of this in the nutribullet (or any other blender 😉 )

Top with dessicated coconut and bee pollen for a healthy, balanced, nutritious breakfast on the go.

So glad i made it in time to still go for the walk. Its so beautiful out there in the mornings, sets me up for the day.

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Love tam