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    We pride ourselves on using the finest ingredients from all over the world to be able to bring you delicious and nutritious food that truly makes you feel good. Our ranges cover raw desserts, truffles and protein balls as well as our "It's not raw but we like it range" of clean scones and burgers. Everything is sugar free, gluten free and mainly dairy free and raw. We also sell a large variety of superfoods that we use daily, couldn't live without and therefore want to share with you.

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  • Superfood hot chocolate

    Superfood Hot Chocolate

    I’m ALWAYS playing with hot chocolate recipes… I mean, who doesn’t love a hot chocolate on a cold winter’s night? I’m still trying to be wrap my head around healthy eating again after being pregnant and binging on anything that was vaguely edible so i’m looking for things that satisfy that sweet craving and make […]

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  • How naive was i?

    Well, when i found out i was expecting i was full of ideas of how things would go….. In my mind i was going to be out running everyday, doing kettles, circuits, eating healthily as always…until at least 8 months anyway, then i’ll slow down a bit. I didn’t see it going any other way, […]

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  • Clean Mille Feuille


    I promised you this recipe AGES ago!! Unfortunately life got in the way, its been mega busy with being pregnant, work, college, exams blah blah blah……… You don’t want to hear any of that though do you? You just want the recipe and i don’t blame you! Its delicious! The good news is that college […]

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