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    We pride ourselves on using the finest ingredients from all over the world to be able to bring you delicious and nutritious food that truly makes you feel good. Our ranges cover raw desserts, truffles and protein balls as well as our "It's not raw but we like it range" of clean scones and burgers. Everything is sugar free, gluten free and mainly dairy free and raw. We also sell a large variety of superfoods that we use daily, couldn't live without and therefore want to share with you.

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  • Coconut whipped cream

    One of my all time favourite things as a child was whipped cream! I remember mum making gallons of the stuff at birthdays and family get togethers to pile on top of waffles, cakes, pancakes anything and everything goes with whipped cream as far as my family is concerned! When i gave up dairy (prepregnancy […]

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  • THE BEST clean chocolate mousse!

    So here it is….. THE BEST clean chocolate mousse EVER!!! I LOVE chocolate mousse but as much as i’ve always enjoyed various clean versions they’ve never been light and fluffy enough…. Jon is always a great marker of how things taste, my taste buds are so accustomed to clean eating things that are sweet to […]

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  • Spinach and avo ice cream

      Ok so basically since i’ve become pregnant i have quite literally lost my mind!!! I thought i’d posted this recipe ages ago and i’m so sorry its so late! With the warmer weather now i’m going to be posting some  variants on nice cream, this being the first 🙂 I ALWAYS have a freezer […]

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  • So its been a while…………….

    What can i say? I’ve neglected you….. I promised at least one blog a week, measurements, food, feelings, pictures and lots more……. I haven’t written a blog since the 1st of February!!! I could give you all a load of excuses or i can give you the truth. So here goes…… The truth is i’ve […]

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