Clean Mille Feuille


I promised you this recipe AGES ago!!
Unfortunately life got in the way, its been mega busy with being pregnant, work, college, exams blah blah blah……… You don’t want to hear any of that though do you? You just want the recipe and i don’t blame you! Its delicious!
The good news is that college is over and i’m consciously slowing down with work soooooo that frees up time for me to bombard you all with heaps of yummy recipes and other things on here, be prepared. Ha!


This is my clean take on Mille Feuille, a classic French dessert that normally consists of layers of pastry, strawberries and cream. Translated means literally “a million layers”
My version however is gluten, dairy and sugar free and full of goodness…..

Clean Mille Feuille (will serve 2) 

This version of the dessert uses sweet vanillary pancakes in place of the pastry and coconut cream in place of the whipped cream….. Simple

Vanilla Pancakes 

These pancakes are my go to sweet treat…

Easy to make, they literally take minutes and only have 3 ingredients!

2 eggs

1 banana

1 teaspoon vanilla

Mash the banana with a fork, don’t use a blender as it’ll mash it too far and you’ll just end up with a whole heap of pancake mess!

Add the 2 eggs and vanilla and whisk.

Pour into a medium hot pan (either non stick or use a little coconut oil)

This should make between 4-6 regular sized pancakes, set them aside to cool.

Once cooled use a cookie cutter to make circles around 1 1/2-2 inches round (scalloped edges look prettier 😉 )

Coconut whipped cream as per last recipe 

Once you’ve got your pancake rounds nice and cool and your coconut whipped cream set about layering them together.

Start with a pancake, huge dollop of the yummy creaminess and then slice strawberries or use raspberries on top of the cream.

Keep layering until you have a nice big stack, top off with the coconut cream and a strawberry and serve!

Love tam