Coconut whipped cream

One of my all time favourite things as a child was whipped cream!

I remember mum making gallons of the stuff at birthdays and family get togethers to pile on top of waffles, cakes, pancakes anything and everything goes with whipped cream as far as my family is concerned!

When i gave up dairy (prepregnancy as i’m currently eating small amounts again) i was distraught at not having lashings of luscious whipped cream to dive into with my desserts….. Until one day i discovered Coconut whipped cream!!! JOY OF JOYS my life was complete again!

Me being super nice and wanting everyone out there to be able to indulge in super good for you food am going to share my main coconut cream recipe with you….. So here it is…. TA DAH


Coconut whipped cream (Serves 2)


1 x tin of organic coconut milk (full fat because we don’t like to mess with our food and take things out)

1 tbls of 100% maple syrup (more if you like it sweeter. You could also use raw honey or coconut sugar)



Pop the tin of milk in the freezer (try not to shake it, you want all the fat and the water to stay separated)

Leave it in the freezer for 40-1hr Open the tin and scoop out all the lovely thick cream from the top, trying not to get any of the water.

Add your maple syrup (or sweetener of choice, i’d use 1tbsp to start with as you can always add more and the coconut is fairly sweet anyway!)

Whisk away with a hand whisk…..(You can of course use an electric one)  Its quite hard on the old muscles but we all like to look buff don’t we?

Once you’ve got lovely peaks its ready. It can be spooned, piped or dolloped, use it like you would do any dairy whipped cream and if you have any left over you can just store it in the fridge for one or two days (i doubt you will though) or serve it with your favourite Je tam  dessert collected from your favourite store.


Hope you guys love and use this as much as i do… Enjoy

Love tam