Everyday is Pancake day!

God i LOVE pancakes!

Seriously, I can eat pancakes everyday i think,  but on pancake day you have to have them as luxurious as possible! I know pancake day was a while ago but like i said….. Everyday is pancake day in my house!
Queue my pancakes with coconut mana, caramalised banana, maple and chocolate sauce!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how naughty i feel but my god was it good and the only “naughty” bit (i hate thinking of food as naughty) was the maple (i did have lashings of it though!) but i’m breastfeeding so that makes it ok (or so i keep telling myself!).

These pancakes are easy to make, you’ll almost certainly always have the ingredients in the cupboard and they’re absolutely delicious!

Ingredients for the pancakes

6 handfuls of gluten free oats

3 free range eggs

2 bananas

Splash of non dairy milk

Pinch of cinnamon


Blend all ingredients together (i use a nutribullet)

 Lightly fry in a pan on a medium heat with a little raw coconut oil so that they don’t stick

 When you see bubbles flip them over and cook the other side

 Stack pancakes

In the meantime you can make the Chocolate sauce

Raw Chocolate Sauce

2 Tbsp of Raw Coconut oil

2Tbsp of Raw Cacao Powder

1 Tsp nut butter of your choice

 Put all ingredients into a pan and warm through till melted, set aside


1 Banana

1 Tbsp Coconut sugar

1 Tsp Raw Coconut oil

 Slice the banana thinly and put into a bowl

 Sprinkle with the Coconut Sugar and stir

 Lightly oil a pan with Coconut oil and heat. Cook the bananas until they are caramelised on both sides

Coconut mana  

You can buy ready made Coconut mana which is deliciously creamy or you can make it yourself but you’d definitely need a high speed blender for this. I like to make a jar at a time and then use it as and when i need it.

4 Cups of shredded or dessicated coconut

1 Tbsp of Raw Coconut oil

 Put the coconut into a high speed blender and blend, blend, blend until you get a nice creamy texture like a nut butter.

 Add Tbsp of coconut oil and blend again.

You should end up with a really creamy buttery texture that melts in your mouth………….. I LOVE mana


The stack  

 Stack your pancakes and top with the caramelised bananas and coconut mana.

 Pour over lashings of 100% Maple syrup and then drizzle with the chocolate sauce and serve.

Love tam