Pancake recipe……..


If there’s one thing i’ve missed while i’ve been vegan its been pancakes……… I LOVE pancakes more than life… Well almost!

I haven’t had time to write a blog in ages and i’m sorry for that….. work, college and life have all got in the way. I’m not complaining, its been fantastic! Je tam is really getting out there and its thanks to all you lovely lot 🙂

The vegan experiment didn’t go down too well, i’ve always said that you need to listed to YOUR body…. we are all individuals and what may work for some certainly doesn’t work for others. I tried it for 3 weeks and i loved it for the first couple of weeks……. In the third week i started to feel exhausted, and breathless, i couldn’t even walk up the stairs without panting…. anyone that know’s me know’s that i’m massively into fitness and love nothing more than running with my dogs or throwing a kettlebell around, hiking, swimming or just generally getting sweaty and having fun! But this just wan’t possible, i was nightmares and when i went to my kettle class with Rachel i had to go down 4kg in weight!!!! I felt so weak….. I consulted with my nutrition lecturer and we decided it just wasn’t right for me at this time in my life….. Its something that i may well try again in the future but for now i’m back on the eggs. I can’t believe how quickly my strength came back, within a few day’s my breath was back to normal and my strength was regaining.

I’m aware that many of my followers are vegan and that they will be disappointed about this turn of events but like i said, i have to listen to my body and my body needs eggs. The eggs i get are from a farm in Breage, they’re organic, happy healthy free range eggs. I’ve turned up there unannounced several times and been happy with the conditions the hens are in…… They have a huge clean hen house and fields and fields to roam in. I have never had a problem with eggs if they are from a reputable farm where the hens really and truly are free range, what i have a problem with is battery hens and so called barn and free range eggs that have no more room than if they were in a cage…….. Quality of life and quality of food are important for both mind and body.

With all that here’s the silver lining to eating eggs again 🙂 PANCAKES!!!!

Stuff pancake sunday, its been pancake weekend here in the Schallhorn Garrood household 🙂

Here’s my favourite recipe…….

3 eggs

3 handfuls of gluten free oats

1 1/2 banana’s

1 tbsp psyllium husk

blend….. mix in 3 handfuls of blueberries

cook in a little coconut oil in a good non stick pan on a medium heat


top with blueberries and a little maple syrup (make sure its 100% to get the benefits)

Love tam