Spinach and avo ice cream

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Ok so basically since i’ve become pregnant i have quite literally lost my mind!!!

I thought i’d posted this recipe ages ago and i’m so sorry its so late! With the warmer weather now i’m going to be posting some  variants on nice cream, this being the first 🙂

I ALWAYS have a freezer stocked full of manky of brown banana’s (That when they’re at their sweetest and also have the highest dose of antioxidants, double bonus!) Just wait till they’re lovely and speckled brown, peel, chop and throw in a freezer bag or container. You’ve now always got the main ingredient for a healthy, sugar free, dairy free ice cream on hand.

Avo and Spinach ice cream

4 Frozen banana’s

2 Avocado

Half a bag of spinach

Blend all the ingredients in a high speed blender until super creamy

Add your topping of fresh berries, coconut cream, nuts – whatever you fancy and enjoy !!!

Love tam