Spinach pancakes with Chocolate mousse and berries

spinach pancakes


So i’ve been asked for my spinach pancake recipe so here it is……

Shocking photo by the way but i woke up STARVING!!!! I quickly remembered i had some yummy clean chocolate mousse left and jumped (as much as my big preggo belly would let me) out of bed and quickly whipped this up….



1 1/2 Ripe bananas

3 Free range eggs

4 Small handfuls of gluten free oats (or regular if you don’t have any sensitivities)

1 Massive handful of spinach

spinach pancake


Pop everything in a nutribullet or blender and whizz away until nice and smooth

Heat a non stick pan, add a tiny amount of coconut oil

Pour in pancakes, i normally fit around 3 in a pan

Cook on a medium heat till you get bubbles on the first side and then flip, cook for another minute and then take off the heat.

Stack your pancakes (i normally get around 10 from this mixture) top with the clean chocolate mousse and berries and serve 🙂

I normally warm my berries in a pan for a min or two, this makes them all juicy and gooey


Again i’d love to see your spinach pancake stacks so post them to the facebook or instagram page and tag me 🙂 Happy Sunday everyone.

Love tam